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The boards of trustees of existing foundations may be interested in considering a merger with the Symphasis umbrella foundation, whether to ensure the long-term governance of their foundation, lower administrative expenses, or to provide the board of trustees with comprehensive assistance in carrying out its many duties and responsibilities.

Merging with the Symphasis Foundation entails setting up a subfoundation under the Symphasis umbrella as the successor to the merged foundation. The subfoundation has the identical purpose as the foundation that has been absorbed, and is subject to all the requirements that the founder specified for the original foundation. The umbrella foundation makes its expertise, infrastructure, and processes available.

The Board of Trustees of the umbrella foundation guarantees that the intent of the founder of the original foundation will continue to be implemented in full and over the long term. Low costs allow most of the assets and returns of the subfoundation to go toward the charitable purpose to be pursued.

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